Perfect, private swim's just for you

Swimple was co-founded by brothers Nic and Dave as an Airbnb for swimming pools. After years of lying empty and unused Nic and Dave’s father decided to try renting out his pool to some of the local community, giving them access to a private pool and swimming experience during the pandemic. The response he got was incredible, and from week one he was fully booked.

Offering a stress-free private swim to everyone from families with neurodiverse children, people who couldn’t fit ‘family hour’ at the local leisure centre into their diaries, or couples wanting a bit of peace and quiet, it turned out that the need for local private swimming was huge. Desperate to take his daughter swimming but not wanting to risk public pools during the pandemic Nic was frustrated that he couldn’t find anything like what his father was offering near him. And so the idea was born!

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Picture your ideal swim.

Peace and quiet with friends, or fun and frolics with family. Relax more with your swim, your way.

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Share the joy of private swimming

Host your local community of swimmers, and know that your pool is bringing joy and stress-free swims to your fellow swimmers

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Have it your way

Swim and play the way you want to - no-one will tell you to keep in lane - there aren’t any! Use the whole pool. Swim sideways if you want!

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Enjoy a smart asset, not a money pit

From covering your pool costs to a significant income, your pool earnings are decided by your facilities, and your decisions on price and availability.

We want to get everyone swimming!

Swimple sees a future where everyone can access the physical and mental benefits of private swimming, and pool owners have become pool sharers.

Access to private spaces lets every swimmer be themselves and enjoy themselves as they learn, relax, or just happily splash. A Swimple pool is a touch of luxury and a lot of fun.